OnePlus 2 invites throttled back as device gets thumbs-up for repairability

OnePlus has scaled back its OnePlus Two invites following production hiccups, but once users can get their hands on one it will be cheaper to repair than its predecessor.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

The recently-released OnePlus 2 is easier to repair than its predecessor, according to a teardown by iFixit.

The teardown reveals OnePlus has redesigned the innards of its second device, to come up with more modular components that are easier to replace and as such should be cheaper to repair.

iFixit has given OnePlus' so-called "2016 flagship killer" a repairability score of seven out of 10. The OnePlus One scored a lowly 5 out of 10, well behind numerous iPhone generations, including the iPhone 6.

iFixit had issues attempting to remove the OnePlus One's trademark red battery but that's less of a problem in the OnePlus 2 - despite OnePlus' warning that the battery is non-removable.

As iFixit notes, the OnePlus 2's 3,300 mAh battery is bigger than iPhone 6's 2915 mAh battery and the Nexus 6's 3,220 battery.

Other pluses on the repairability front include a single non-proprietary screw head, and the USB-C port housing that should make it inexpensive to replace. However, as OnePlus flagged on its forums yesterday, quality issues with the component have caused the company to slow down the pace at which it's giving out new invites as it gathers feedback from users.

OnePlus had promised would-be buyers that despite retaining its unpopular invite system, it would be issuing invites in larger volumes this time around. That news comes on the back of US shipping delays.

iFixit notes the OnePlus' 13-megapixel rear camera and five-megapixel selfie-shooter will also be getting 4K video and 10-bit RAW image recording thanks to a software update planned for the device. The other standout feature it dug up is the device's infrared laser range finder, which helps calibrate the focus.

OnePlus has made some noise about fingerprint readers in last year's flagships not being ripe enough. iFixit found the OnePlus 2 relies on the FPC1150 sensor from Swedish company Fingerprint Cards, which is also supplying fingerprint sensors for ZUK's new Z1, ZTE's Axon, and Huawei's Honor 7.

The major pitfall of the OnePlus 2 comes in the LCD and digitiser glass being fused together, meaning if it's damaged they'll need to be replaced together, according to iFixit.

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