OpenStack Newton arrives, promising advances in virtualization, bare-metal provisioning and containers

Latest version of open-source cloud building project arrives.
Written by Steve Ranger, Global News Director

Newton brings more security and resilience, said the OpenStack Foundation's Jonathan Bryce.

Image: OpenStack

OpenStack has released Newton, the 14th version of the open-source cloud software.

The OpenStack Foundation said new features will improve the user experience for container cluster management and networking, as well as scalability and resiliency.

It said updates to the Ironic bare-metal provisioning service, Magnum container orchestration cluster manager, and Kuryr container networking project will make it easier to integrate containers, and virtual and physical infrastructure under one control plane.

Products and services based on OpenStack Newton would become available "in the coming weeks and months", it said.

The Newton release gives cloud operators and app developers greater security, resiliency, and choice, according to Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation.

OpenStack is an open-source project which started in 2010 to create components for building public and private clouds on standard hardware.

It enables users to control the large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources found in a datacenter through a dashboard and allows users to provision resources through a web interface. It is aimed at service providers, enterprises, government agencies, and academic institutions that want to build public or private clouds.

It's now backed by more than 200 vendors, including Cisco, Dell, HP Enterprise, IBM, Intel, Oracle, Rackspace, Red Hat, and VMware, with a large developer community working across projects: OpenStack said Newton was built by 2,581 developers across 309 organizations.

With Newton, the OpenStack Foundation pointed to improved scale-up/scale-down capabilities in Nova, Horizon, and Swift; progress with Cells V2 for horizontal scale-out of Nova compute environments; the addition of convergence by default in Heat; and multi-tenancy improvements in Ironic.

It said projects including Cinder, Ironic, Neutron, and Trove are getting updates to improved high-availability functionality. Security improvements are included in Newton as well: Keystone offers upgrades that include PCI compliance and encrypted credentials.

The Newton release also aims to improve the ease of use for operators and app developers, making OpenStack easier to set up, operate, change, and fix, with greater automation.

Magnum offers provisioning for container orchestration tools Swarm, Kubernetes, and Mesos. Magnum's new features include support for pluggable drivers, Kubernetes clusters on bare-metal servers, and asynchronous cluster creation.

In terms of general bare-metal provisioning, Ironic adds multi-tenant networking and more integration with Magnum, Kubernetes and Nova, while Kolla now supports deployments to bare metal.

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