Oracle Cloud HCM adds "Journeys" for personalized HR guidance

The new platform helps HR teams deliver a more personalized digital experience for employees
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Oracle on Monday announced a new platform to help HR teams deliver personalized digital experiences for employees. The platform, called Journeys, is part of the Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) suite. 

Journeys provides a platform on which HR managers can create "journeys" or choose from  pre-built templates. It provides a space from which employees can start AI-recommended journeys or those assigned by an HR manager.

Oracle is one of many SaaS vendors aiming to help organizations improve their employees' digital experiences amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. As workplaces embrace hybrid work arrangements and new safety protocols, HR functions need to change as well. 

Last year, for instance, Workday introduced Workday Help, Workday Journeys and Workday People Analytics. Salesforce, meanwhile, launched Work.com products for post-coronavirus planning. Oracle itself has already updated its SaaS tools with improvements geared towards post-pandemic work. 

"As offices reopen, providing consistent and positive experiences across physical and virtual environments will be critical – but it doesn't stop there," Chris Leone, SVP of development for Oracle Cloud HCM, said in a statement. "Organizations need to provide guidance throughout the entire work life cycle from career development, to finding a mentor, returning to the workplace and eventually traveling safely. Oracle Journeys will help HR teams provide value beyond traditional HR processes to uniquely tailor the experiences for their workforce."

Employees access journeys via the Journeys LaunchPad. The platform will automatically recommend journeys based on previous actions, events or career progressions. For example, newly-promoted employee may see a New Manager Journey, or those planning to return to the office see a Return to Work Safely Journey.

The Journeys Creator lets HR teams create, modify and assign journeys. The pre-built journeys include Onboarding, Return to the Workplace, Parental Leave, Relocation, Illness or Injury, and Return from Leave. They can be tailored to meet an organization's needs. 

Meanwhile, the Journeys Booster helps integrate other business functions into journeys, such as finance or facilities management functions that may be managed by third-party or external applications.

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