Oracle expands Cloud at Customer portfolio to cover PaaS, SaaS, big data

Oracle's Cloud at Customer product lineup now includes most of the major services it offers for applications, platform, integration, and big data.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Oracle expanded its Cloud at Customer lineup to include all of its platform- and software-as-a-services and a system focused on big data.

The company on its earnings conference call highlighted how AT&T is moving multiple databases to its Cloud at Customer platform. The gist of Oracle's Cloud at Customer effort is that the company will put compute, storage, and networking gear in an enterprise's data center. That machine will be connected to Oracle's public cloud services and priced as a subscription.

Oracle's product lineup, which now includes Oracle Cloud Machine, Oracle Exadata Cloud Machine, and Oracle Big Data Cloud Machine, is tailored to businesses that prefer public cloud options, but need to keep data in-house due to regulations.

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For Oracle, Cloud at Customer enables the company to sell converged systems and grow its cloud base while keeping current customers. Enterprises are moving to the cloud, but keep some data on premise due to regulations and business requirements. For instance, Oracle Cloud at Customer is likely to be pitched as a GDPR strategy.

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The PaaS categories for Cloud at Customer systems include database, application development, analytics, big data, application and data integration, and identity management.

On the software front, Cloud at Customer now includes services for enterprise resource planning, human capital management, customer relationship management, and supply chain management.

Steve Daheb, senior vice president of Oracle Cloud, said the company is seeing more traction for its Cloud at Customer portfolio, which was launched a year ago. "Cloud is cloud whether it is deployed behind the firewall or not," said Daheb, who noted that the Oracle Cloud code is standard across distribution channels.

Oracle Cloud at Customer now includes the following:

  • Infrastructure
  • Data Management
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Application development
  • Enterprise integration
  • Security
  • Software as a service

Named customers include the City of Las Vegas, Federacion Colombiana de Municipios, Glintt Healthcare, HCPA, NEC, NTT, Rakuten Card, and State Bank of India.

As for the Oracle Big Data Cloud Machine, Neil Mendelson, vice president of big data and advanced analytics at Oracle, said that the company typically puts 25 percent more capacity than a customer has subscribed to handle bursts. The system will also have double the disk space needed so enterprises can grow into them. "We balance between adding too much capacity or too little. We will adjust as needed," said Mendelson.

The Oracle Big Data Cloud Machine will include:

  • Big data provisioning in a few clicks, along with cloud automation software and pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Cloudera's Distribution 5.x including Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark
  • The ability to install third-party software into the cluster
  • Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop
  • Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph for analytics
  • Oracle Big Data Connectors to simplify integration of data and combine with information housed internally as well in public clouds
  • Oracle Data Integrator for visual code-building


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