Oracle may face challenges migrating customers to cloud, says survey

Rimini Street surveyed 205 IT and business decision makers who were Oracle customers. The picture is a mixed bag.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor
Rimini Street survey

Oracle customers may be planning to reduce spending with the enterprise software vendor and are also wary of moving to the company's software as a service lineup, according to a Rimini Street survey.

The survey had 205 respondents who weren't current customers and that reality makes it interesting. A survey based on Rimini Street customers would be a self-selecting bunch given the company specializes in third party support for Oracle.

According to the survey, Oracle customers were prioritizing cost optimization and business productivity as the No. 1 and No. 2 priorities with digital transformation No. 3.

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In any case, the survey hits on a few hot-button issues notably Amazon Web Services, which is an Oracle obsession. Among the key findings:

  • 53 percent of Oracle customers were planning to reduce spend with the company and 60 percent cited high costs of software and features.
  • 27.9 percent of respondents said they will move to AWS to host their Oracle applications. However, 27.2 percent said they would move to Oracle Cloud.
  • 80 percent of respondents said they wouldn't replace their on-premises Oracle software for cloud offerings or were unsure.
  • Oracle customers said they weren't planning to move to Oracle Cloud due to no justifiable business case, expense, migration disruption and lock-in. Business case cited by 52.8 percent of respondents.
Rimini Street survey

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