Pokémon ​Go lands in South Korea, finally

Pokémon Go has officially launched in South Korea months after the global phenomenon died down, following speculation that the delay was caused by the government denying map access to Google.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Pokémon Go, the once popular global game phenomenon, has launched in South Korea six months after it came out in the US and Europe.

Niantic, who developed the augmented reality (AR) game, said the delay was caused by the translation into Korean and the company being too small to handle the unexpected popularity of the game.

It is speculated that the delay was rather caused by Google Map's request to get access to Korean maps to the government, which was ultimately denied.

The game features virtual Pokémon at real-life locations loaded via Google's map service.

Despite not being officially launched, the game was activated in certain locations in South Korea, especially around the coastal regions in the south.

The title is now available for download in Korean at Google Play and is playable anywhere in the country.

ZDNet previously found that the game obtained full access to a user's Google account without express permission. Niantic later said that this was due to an error in the game's privacy policy that had been amended.

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