Protect your Galaxy Note Edge and iPhone 6 Plus with Urban Armor Gear

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has a unique form factor and the iPhone 6 Plus has a slippery long metal frame. UAG offers solid protection for both and Matthew has been testing them out.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Protect your Galaxy Note Edge and iPhone 6 Plus with Urban Armor Gear (in pictures)

The smartphone case market is massive and almost everyone I see with a phone has it wrapped in a something. After testing out a number of case brands over the years, a few stand out as my favorite with Urban Armor Gear near the top of the list.

I was sent the Urban Armor Gear (UAG) Maverick for the Note Edge as well as the Outland and Aero for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus to take for a test drive. If you own either of these phones, these are definitely cases you should consider.

UAG Maverick for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

I have spent a considerable amount of time with the Galaxy Note Edge and think it is one of the best Android smartphones available today. I honestly never thought there would be a case that worked very well due to the unique edge display. I turns out I was wrong.

The folks at Urban Armor Gear were able to come up with a case that provides good protection, looks great, and adds very little size or weight to an already large phone. The transition from the front down into the side display works well and actually gives you a place to rest your thumb as you activate a button on the edge display.

The case fits on snugly and it takes a bit of effort to remove your phone once it is in the case. This is good because you can rest assured your Galaxy Note Edge won't fall out of the case.

The UAG Maverick provides robust edge protection and should help for any small drops you may have on that edge display. The is a couple mm in thickness on the lower outside part of the edge display to offer some buffer before the edge display stikes the surface you drop your phone onto.

There are openings for the mics, rear speaker, camera, heart rate monitor, S Pen stylus, IR port, and headphone jack. You don't need an adapter to access the headphone jack like some cases have and the S Pen cutout is large enough that you can still easily remove it from the silo.

There is a raised area on the back around the top of the camera lens, on the corners, and on the S Pen opening that lift the Note Edge up off a table when you have it set down. The effect of this is that sound actually gets amplified a bit too so your speaker performance will seem to improve as well.

The UAG Maverick for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is available now for $39.95. If you are looking for a case to provide military spec drop test protection while looking great then you should seriously consider this case.

UAG Outland and Aero for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus is a very large phone, but even with this size people still wrap it in a case. One reason to put a case on an iPhone 6 Plus is to help reduce the chance of it bending.

The UAG Outland (orange) and Aero (slate blue) will keep your iPhone 6 Plus from bending while adding very little weight and bulk to your iPhone 6 Plus.

The case is composed of two fused materials, a softer inner impact resistant core and an outer hard shell. The retail package also includes a plastic screen protection, but since I already have a glass protector on my iPhone I did not try out this plastic one.

There are openings for the camera and flash, ringer switch, headphone jack, Lightning port, and speaker. Covered buttons are provided for the volume and power buttons.

It takes a bit of effort to remove your iPhone 6 Plus from the case so make sure to use some care if you want to remove it. The good thing is that your iPhone 6 Plus won't fall out of this case and the rigidity of it will definitely provide support.

These two cases look fantastic on your iPhone 6 Plus and it is nice to have some drop protection on such a large slippery phone. The UAG Outland and Aero are available now for $39.95, with free worldwide shipping. UAG also offers the Maverick (clear) and Navigator (white) for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

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