Recorded Future partners with top cybersecurity firms in threat analysis boost

FireEye, Palo Alto Networks and IBM's Resilient are joining the cause.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Recorded Future is partnering with top security firms in a bid to improve real-time threat analysis data.

On Monday at Gartner's Security & Risk Management Summit 2016, Recorded Future announced the threat intelligence firm's threat intelligence gathering platform will soon also support information streams stemming from Palo Alto Networks, IBM's Resilient and FireEye's iSIGHT.

Recorded Future says the move will help threat analysts stay ahead of the game in a rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, especially when it comes to business-relevant intelligence.

The company specialises in what it calls "all-source analysis," which is the capture of threat-related data from the entire web in real-time.

In particular, Recorded Future looks at different layers of the web -- clear, deep and dark -- to bring context to this information.

"Security teams get on-demand integration of malware sandbox analysis, incident response investigations, finished intelligence reporting, and domain, DNS, phishing and internet of things enrichment -- all put in context with real-time threat intelligence from the web," the firm says.

Recorded Future's additional partners in the scheme are DomainTools, Farsight Security, PhishMe ReversingLabs and Shodan.

Dr. Christopher Ahlberg, chief executive officer and co-founder of Recorded Future commented:

"Our OMNI Intelligence Partnerships make it easier than ever for security teams to benefit from relevant intelligence at the right place and the right time. We empower analysts to conduct all-source analysis and anticipate attacks before they impact the business."

Marc Benoit, vice president of technical business development at Palo Alto Networks said the company was "delighted" to join the scheme, which allows defenders to act on intelligence with "greater confidence and take swift action to prevent sophisticated threats."

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