Ring begins shipping Door View Cam, the $199 video doorbell for apartments

Ring's latest video doorbell should make apartment dwellers feel a little safer.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer

If you live in an apartment or a home where you can't alter the existing doorbell wiring, Ring finally has a video doorbell solution for you. The Door View Cam was first announced during CES earlier this year and is now available for $199

What makes the Door View Cam different from previous Ring video doorbells is that it's designed to replace the peephole in your door. After installation, you can still use the door viewer to view who is on the other side of your door without having to open the Ring app and watch a video feed. 


The idea here is that those who live in an apartment building can still take advantage of Ring's video doorbell service without having to worry about permanently installing a doorbell or messing with doorbell wires (or lack of wiring). 

The Door View Cam is battery powered, with a removable battery pack on the inside of the door for secure access and the ability to recharge as needed. In addition to sending alerts to your phone for motion or when the doorbell button is pressed, the Door View Cam will detect when someone knocks on your door and alert you. 

The Door View Cam is Ring's latest product in a lineup that continues to grow as the company moves forward with its quest to reduce crime in neighborhoods. There's Ring Alarm, a complete home security system; Ring Stick Up Cam, a security camera designed for indoor or outdoor use; and the recently released Ring Smart Lighting lights that work in tandem with Ring cameras. 

You can find the Door View Cam on Ring's websiteAmazon, or at Home Depot, Lowes and Target.

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