CES 2019: Ring expands product lineup with new video doorbell, smart lights, and Alarm features

Ring, the video doorbell maker, is poised for a stellar 2019.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer

Ring founder Jamie Siminoff is looking forward to 2019. After being acquired in early 2018 by Amazon, the company has been able to compress its product roadmap and get more products out to its users sooner rather than later.

In turn, Siminoff says, Ring is able to stay true to its mission and do its part in making our neighborhoods safer.

"Our mission is to reduce crime neighborhoods, and as you can see all the different things we're doing, all the pieces we're doing here, all sort of tie back into that and I think we're still innovating in a way that is different in the market than anyone else," Siminoff recently told ZDNet.

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He continued, "I think we have a great 2019 that we're starting off with and already have stuff that we're excited about."

So, what is Siminoff excited about? Ring is starting off the year with three announcements: A new video doorbell, a Smart Lighting system, and improvements to its Ring Alarm security system.

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Door View Cam

Traditionally, each one of Ring's video doorbells have required some sort of permanent installation. Typically, the process included dealing with electrical wiring and mounting the video doorbell onto the house's exterior. While this requirement worked for many Ring customers, there were potential users that were left out: Those who have to adhere to HOA requirements, and those who live in apartments.

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Enter the Ring Door View Cam. The Door View Cam looks similar to most Ring video doorbells, but instead of using wires for power and screws for mounting, the doorbell replaces the peephole on a door. Installation consists of removing the old peephole, replacing it with the camera unit outside the door, and on the inside of the door is the battery. There's still a peephole viewer in the Door View Cam, giving users the ability to monitor who is on the other side of the door without opening the Ring app to view a video feed.

The Door View Cam can also alert users when someone knocks on the door, which is a feature specific to the Door View Cam.

Ring isn't announcing a release date for the Door View Cam yet, but it has said it will launch priced at $199.

(Image: Ring)

Smart Lighting

Ring also announced its new Smart Lighting lineup. The goal of Smart Lighting products is to provide peace of mind in areas where a camera doesn't make sense, but having a light or something that reacts to motion does.

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There are currently five different lights, ranging from wireless and wired floodlights to spotlights, path lights, and a step light. There's also a small motion sensor users can install to trigger lights around a home. Using the $50 Ring Bridge, users will receive push notifications when motion is detected, and can set Ring cameras to begin recording immediately, along with having the entirety of a Smart Lighting system turn on when motion is detected.

Ring's Smart Lighting lineup is available for pre-order, with shipping currently scheduled to start March 6. Pricing ranges from $18 for a step light to $70 for a wired floodlight.

(Image: Ring)

Ring Alarm 

Ring is expanding its Alarm system with a handful of new sensors. Ring Alarm users can now purchase a flood and freeze sensor, a smoke and CO listener, a dome siren, and a smoke/CO alarm directly from Ring.

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In addition to the availability of the sensors, Ring is also expanding smart lock integration with Ring Alarm. Currently, users can add smart locks to the Alarm control panel, but soon users will be able to do more with the integration. For example, when a smart lock is locked, it can trigger the Alarm to arm itself.

Ring will also begin selling three smart locks directly on its website and has plans to integrate with August smart locks later this year.

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