Salesforce brings custom content and branding to Trailhead corporate learning platform

With the new myTrailhead, Salesforce users can add custom training materials along with corporate logos and colors to enhance the experience.
Written by Conner Forrest, Contributor

Salesforce users can now add custom training content and corporate branding to the Trailhead platform--with a new effort known as myTrailhead--the company announced on Monday at Dreamforce.

Trailhead was initially launched in 2014 as a gamified way for employees to continually grow their skills. Now, a Salesforce press release noted, companies can customize the experience with company-specific trainings for skills specific to the industry or onboarding, for example.

"In this digital age, continuous learning is more critical than ever to keep pace with rapid technology changes and the increasing velocity of business," Trailhead general manager Sarah Franklin said in the release. "myTrailhead fosters a culture of learning, which drives both employee and business success."

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There are five key tools that make up the myTrailhead platform:

  1. Trail Maker - A guided setup tool through which companies can create their own custom training content, or customize existing content. Content can be created for sales, customer service, onboarding, and more, according to the release.
  2. Trailhead Profile - This is the user profile on the platform. An employee's skills and expertise will be listed here, along with badges they have earned on Trailhead. Trailhead Profile even includes LinkedIn-like endorsements to identify employees who are especially good at a particular skill.
  3. Trail Mixer - Trainings and learning paths can be organized into collections known as Trailmixes. Public Trailhead content, custom content, and more can be combined to create such Trailmixes. These collections can then be shared with other users, the release said.
  4. Trail Tracker - An app that tracks progress in trainings and provides insight into the performance of those who were assigned the training. Trainees will be awarded badges for completing their assignments, and will be ranked against their peers on a leaderboard, the release said.
  5. Trail Checker - This feature allows users to build challenges that assess the skills of their employees. Admins can build quizzes, hands-on challenges and more, while also rating and rewarding their participants, the release said.

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