Salesforce enables more customized app development with updates to Lightning

With the introduction of myLightning, the app-building framework now lets customers create customized design elements, as well as dynamic page experiences for end users.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Salesforce is updating Lightning, its component-based framework for application development, so that businesses can create more customized app experiences.

Introduced two years ago, the Salesforce Lightning framework includes the App Builder, Components, Community Builder, Component Ecosystem and the Lightning Design System. Already, more than 77 percent of Lightning pages are customized, Mike Rosenbaum, EVP of CRM Apps for Salesforce, wrote in a blog post.

With the introduction of "myLightning," debuted at the Dreamforce conference this week, customers can add more customization. For instance, a new theming and design system enables business uers to choose specific brand images and colors so that their apps better reflect their brands.

Additionally, a updated version of App Builder allows customers to build dynamic pages that offer different experiences to different customers. By adding filter conditions and logic, the App Builder customer can control when certain components appear on a page.

Lastly, Salesforce is taking its existing flow automation tools (Visual Flow) and adding them to the Lightning framework. The new Lightning Flow lets customers use Lightning Components to create a visual, guided process that walks an end user through an app experience.

Along with the updates to the Lightning framework, Salesforce used the Dreamforce conference to announce multiple other ways it's giving its enabling customers to customize their digital experiences. For instance, the online learning platform Trailhead has been rebranded as myTrailhead and allows users to incorporate custom training content.

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