Salesforce updates Sales Cloud with AI-based productivity features

The CRM giant said the new productivity features in Sales Cloud aim to streamline administrative tasks for sales reps.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

Salesforce on Tuesday announced a slew of new productivity features in Sales Cloud that aim to streamline administrative tasks for sales reps. Salesforce posits that sales reps spend roughly 9 hours per week searching for information that they need to close deals, which translates into less time doing actual selling. 

With that in mind, the latest Sales Cloud update focuses on features that make access to information and collaboration more efficient. Among the updates is the new Inbox Now app. Salesforce said the app, powered by its AI system Einstein, is a tool that let sales reps integrate account, contact and meeting information directly into their calendar so insights are surfaced in context. 

There's also a new Einstein-based tool that surfaces similarities among prospects to uncover new audiences for campaigns. Meanwhile, through the new Social Intelligence Module, reps can also now utilize natural language processing to curate social media feeds relevant to business-related topics.

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"While we can't do your expense reports for you, we can help reps be more productive," wrote Robin Grochol, Salesforce SVP of product management, in a blog post. "To tackle that, we took a close look at how information flows in and out of Salesforce to better understand how and where we can streamline processes, and help reps be more productive in the time they do have."

Salesforce also added a tool that lets reps create templates from previously successful sales strategies as a way to push best practices when trying to reach out to a new prospect. Additionally, Salesforce announced that reps can now embed live documents and spreadsheets within Quip for Sales.

"With these new productivity features, we're managing the flow of information so that what you need is surfaced when you need it, all within Sales Cloud," Grochol said in the blog post. "It's about making every rep more efficient, guiding their focus to the most impactful accounts and tasks, and elevating and upskilling every individual performance."

Salesforce said the new features are generally availably June 17.


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