Salesforce Work.com to integrate IBM Digital Health Pass

Salesforce and IBM said they will integrate offerings designed to verify health status of individuals amid a return to public spaces and work.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM and Salesforce said they will integrate IBM Digital Health Pass and Work.com, respectively, as the companies aim to verify health conditions at work and public spaces.

With remote work arrangements becoming more hybrid, employees will be returning to the office in some way. Meanwhile, COVID-19 vaccines are starting to be distributed even as cases rise. The IBM-Salesforce acknowledges that any return-to-work effort is going to require a way to verify health and vaccination status.

IBM launched its Digital Health Pass app in October. The app uses blockchain to preserve privacy and allow individuals to store, manage and share health status from mobile devices. IBM's Digital Health Pass essentially serves as a health passport in public spaces such as airports, sports stadiums and amusement parks.

As for Salesforce, Work.com was a 2020 hit and an application that was stood up quickly to help companies manage COVID-19 safety. This week, Work.com has served as a way to distribution COVID-19 vaccines via Work.com for Vaccines.

Under the partnership, Salesforce Work.com Command Center will integrate IBM Digital Health Pass, which can be customized by enterprises. While Work.com already has wellness surveys as well as COVID-19 test and vaccination tracking, IBM Digital Health Pass will add another layer of data such as an individual's vaccination status and health records.

IBM Digital Health Pass will give an individual the ability to share vaccination records, test results and temperature checks via a mobile wallet without exposing personal data.


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