​Samsung apologizes for Note 7 concerns in China

Samsung has apologized to consumers in China for causing worries over Galaxy Note 7 explosions, but maintains that the handsets sold there have no problems.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung Electronics has apologized to consumers in China for causing worries over the Galaxy Note 7 explosions and not properly explaining safety.

However, it maintained that the handsets sold in the country were not faulty and that reported explosive incidents there were caused by external heating. Such reported incidents totalled five as of Tuesday.

On its Chinese homepage, the South Korean said it "sincerely apologizes" for causing worries to Chinese consumers and not properly and sufficiently explaining the safeness of Galaxy Note 7s sold there.

It said the handset, which started official sales in China on September 1, used batteries from a different supplier to the ones that were globally recalled. China was excluded in the list of countries affected by the tech giant's recall of the phones earlier this month. Samsung used batteries from local supplier ATL -- which also supplies to Apple -- for batches sold there while other countries received Samsung SDI's.

There was "no double-standard" for the Chinese market, the firm said, and now, following the exchange, 1 million Galaxy Note 7 owners worldwide use the same battery as them.

The company recalled only 1,858 units from the world's second-largest market, and explained that those were from pre-orders and promotions. Many Chinese consumers have expressed anger over Samsung's alleged double standards by excluding them in the recall.

The world's largest smartphone maker has seen its share decline in China over the years and is facing stiff competition from local rivals, both in handsets and components.

Meanwhile, Samsung has rebooted advertisements for Note 7s in South Korea ahead of its official sales starting Saturday, October 1.

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