​Samsung begins MicroLED TV pre-orders

Samsung has begun pre-orders for its MicroLED TV, called The Wall, with the first orders shipping in the third quarter.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung Electronics has begun pre-orders for its touted 146-inch modular MicroLED, dubbed "The Wall".

The TV, first unveiled at CES earlier in the year, is powered by micrometer-sized LED modules. It is modular, meaning consumers can customise sizes.

At InfoComm, where Samsung made the announcement, the company also pushed The Wall Professional, its enterprise brand version of the model.

The business-ready variation is aimed at lobbies, museums, galleries, and retail spaces.

The South Korean tech giant said it comes with HDR10+ technology and boasts a brightness of 1600nit. It also doesn't have colour filters or backlight, the company stressed.

MicroLED, like OLED, emits light on its own without the need for a backlight but uses inorganic materials instead, and in theory will have a longer life span.

Samsung also showcased MagicINFO 6, its content management platform for its B2B displays.

The platform, based on Tizen 4.0, will allow businesses to create, schedule, and deploy content across its signage network. It will be compatible with The Wall Professional.

Samsung also introduced the OH85N-D, its 85-inch dual-sided outdoor signage aimed at bus stops and other venues.

The company in April said it is researching ways to put quantum dot on its MicroLED TVs.

Samsung's B2B display unit is expanding availability of screens outside of homes to movie theatres and safety trucks.


Samsung's modular MicroLED TV, The Wall. Image: Samsung


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