CES: ​Samsung unveils modular 146-inch MicroLED TV

Samsung Electronics' has unveiled its first 146-inch modular MicroLED TV dubbed the "The Wall" at CES.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer
(Image: Samsung)

Samsung Electronics has unveiled a 146-inch modular MicroLED TV at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Called "The Wall", the TV uses micrometre-sized LEDs to individually emit light, thus not needing a backlight or colour filter.

It is difficult to make LED in micrometre size due to protecting each diode's individual integrity, and avoiding blurring of lights.

Japanese tech giant Sony unveiled one in 2012 but the company didn't commercialize it.

Samsung said its MicroLED TV is energy efficient and durable. Being modular and bezel-less will allow consumers to customize their TV sizes and install them wherever needed.

The South Korean tech giant is selling modular LED screens to businesses, such as installing an LED scoreboard at a baseball stadium, which is easier to achieve.

The company has also announced an 8K QLED TV that uses artificial intelligence to convert low resolution into 8K.

Samsung will announce its flagship QLED TV line for 2018 on Tuesday, which will also boast new innovations in LED technology.

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