Samsung continues to enhance ecosystem with 7digital Music Hub integration

Samsung dominates the Android smartphone market and with their new 7digital music download and streaming service integrated into Music Hub they continue to enhance their ecosystem.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Samsung dominates the Android smartphone world and continues to provide an enhanced experience for consumers. Today, they revealed that the Samsung Music Hub will be updated in the U.S. with support for 7digital's music streaming and download service, previously available in Europe. The Music Hub interface was designed by mSpot, a company that Samsung recently aquired.

I used 7digital for music purchases on my BlackBerry PlayBook and find they have a competitive collection, currently reported as over 19 million tracks. This new service competes with existing subscription services such as Spotify with the same $9.99 monthly access fee. By integrating into the Samsung Music Hub found on the Galaxy S III devices, I imagine 7digital will become a popular option for consumers. When I tap on Music Hub on my T-Mobile Galaxy S III I get a pop-up that states, "Service will be available soon," so I cannot test out the service yet myself. I currently use Spotify because of the cross platform nature of the service. UPDATE: According to The Verge and their hands-on preview, you can download music for offline enjoyment.

There will be two parts to the updated Samsung Music Hub, one for the free store where you can listen to 30 seconds and then make purchases and the other for the Premium service where you can stream unlimited tracks for $9.99 per month. The store function is available as a 7digital app, but the streaming service is new to Android and Samsung. It is not clear if you can download songs for offline listening, but I am trying to get that answer.

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