​Samsung ends Galaxy Note 7 production and sales, for good

After a two-month long saga of reports of battery fires and a recall, Samsung has finally pulled the plug on its Galaxy Note 7 for good
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung has now stopped production and sales of its Galaxy Note 7.

Image: CNET

Samsung Electronics has finally pulled the plug on its Galaxy Note 7, for good.

The South Korean tech giant announced Tuesday that it will permanently end the production and sales of the Note 7.

Samsung said it attempted to "adjust production schedule" for a more thorough investigation and quality control but "have reached a final decision to halt production of Galaxy Note 7s."

The statement was a response to Korea Exchange's request for information following the firm's suspension of production of the Note 7 in the wake of more reports of fires on Monday. Samsung then said it was controlling production but did not confirm that it was ending production.

Separately, earlier in the day, South Korean phone sellers had received notices from the firm to remove all Note 7 promotional materials and booths.

On Monday, Samsung announced that it has asked partners to stop sales and exchange of the phone, wether old or new. It also asked consumers to power down the devices immediately.

The announcement ends the South Korean tech giant's two-month long saga caused by reports of incidents the phone's battery catching fire. When announced in August, the phone was highly-praised, but after launch reports began of them catching fire surfaced.

Samsung commenced a total recall early September, saying that faulty battery was to blame: the firm halted sales of Note 7 temporarily and exchanged them with non-defective new ones.

However, in South Korea and US, new reports of the phones, allegedly already-replaced ones, catching fire reappeared, putting mounting pressure on the firm.

Oculus blocked the Note 7 from working with Gear VR, following an update that caused battery drain, likely due to fears of exacerbating cause of the fire.

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