Samsung Galaxy S10: Six cameras, and bigger than the Note 9

Think the Samsung Note 9 is a powerhouse? According to a report, the Galaxy S10 could feature six cameras, 5G support, and a display that dwarfs the Note 9.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

Rumors are circulating that Samsung is working on a version of the upcoming Galaxy S10 codenamed "Beyond X" that takes the Note 9 and super-size it.

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How do you super-size the Note 9? Well, according to a report in the WSJ, Samsung is working on a huge, pocket-busting version of the Galaxy S10 that will feature six cameras, 5G support, and a monster 6.7-inch display.

Why would a smartphone need six cameras (other than we are now in a camera war, where more is better)? According to the report, the Galaxy S10 will have four rear-facing cameras, the extra cameras could be used to offer more zoom capabilities and capture more depth information for use within AR apps and smarter portrait mode photography.

The rumors suggest that Samsung is planning to go all-out with the Galaxy S10, even adding a budget model to the line.

There's also chitchat that the Galaxy S10 will ship with an in-display fingerprint reader and front-facing camera, eliminating the need for a notch in the display.

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