Samsung Galaxy S11 isn't going to happen (rumor says)

If you're expecting a Galaxy S11 in 2020, you may be in for a peculiar surprise. Perhaps you should blame Apple.
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer

Who knows what the next Galaxy will look like?

Phone companies have created expectations.

A new year rolls in and a new phone is de rigueur.

It's as if the mere fact that winter has come and is going means that people need a new shiny thing to look forward to.

For months now, there's been speculation about Samsung's next phone, the Galaxy S11. It may come in February. Unless it doesn't. It may be launched in March. Unless it's February.

And there'll likely be three phones, the S11e, S11, and S11 Plus. Unless there are four.

I fear, though, that the latest rumor may just be too much for some Samsungites.

An allegedly worth-listening-to Twitter rumorist, Ice Universe, suddenly muttered that there will be no Galaxy S11. Instead, it'll be the Galaxy S20. Because 2020, see. A new decade deserves a new number scheme and a sneaky reason to believe that the next Galaxy won't be yet another dull upgrade.

It's not for me to say how likely this is. Rumors come, hover, go and die on funeral pyres built by trolls.

I would, however, like to blame Apple.

I fear, you see, that Cupertino started the rebellion. Instead of being consistently corporate, Apple bypassed the iPhone 9 in order to release iPhone X. Supposedly, this was to honor the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Yet this was a clear signal that the Numbering Treaty was defunct.

Yes, it's rare for Apple to start something in phones. Now, though, I can plainly see how Samsung might wish to flout convention in order to (try to) create excitement.

Especially as Apple is now said to be releasing an iPhone SE2 and calling it, goodness, iPhone 9.

2020 promises to be a horrific year, mired by rancor and strife. Why not, then, create a new hope that the next Galaxy will be really something?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Galaxy S20 actually is something worthy of a new decade? You know, a phone that folds into four quarters, guarantees privacy, automatically eliminates all spam and comes with no bloatware whatsoever?

I'm a dreamer, me.

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