Samsung Galaxy S24 leak reveals eye-popping camera upgrade rarely seen on phones

Samsung's new flagship phone will have next-gen video capabilities, and a sweet preorder deal to go with.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer
The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra's camera bump.
June Wan/ZDNET

As we approach the January 17 release date for Samsung's new flagship phone (that date is still unofficial, but it has been leaked several times), the Galaxy S24, a series of leaks over the past few days offer a little more clarity into what we can expect from this year's device.

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Starting on the video side of things, reliable leaker Ice Universe shared an image showing a 4K 120fps video recording mode on the Ultra version of the phone. That higher-than-normal frame rate, the poster pointed out, would allow for clearer and more cinematic videos. That's because users will have the ability to slow the footage down to 30fps in 4K mode, yielding smoother and dramatic movements. 

Since the Pixel 8 Pro and iPhone 15 both max out at 60fps in 4K mode, this is, indeed, a significant upgrade over its competition.

Ice Universe also revealed the phone would feature seamless zoom on the 60fps 4K mode, another option to allow for more creative filming. Given that most phones have fairly wide specifications between their main and secondary cameras, this certainly isn't something we're used to seeing when switching from telephoto to ultrawide recording in the same video. 

Another leak from South Korean blog site, Naver, offered more insight into what sort of preorder bonus would come for people who choose to scoop up the new Galaxy S24 as soon as possible. Similar to the S22 and S23, Samsung will give a free storage upgrade for preorders. If you buy the 512GB version, for example, you'll receive the 1TB version. 

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And in what's not exactly a leak but still new information, X user @sondesix shared an image of an S24 promo poster in a Brazillian retail location selling the phone. The rear of what appears to be the Ultra version is shown, along with a stylus, two microphones, and a quad camera layout. The four lenses would be the 200MP, the two telephoto, and the 12MP ultrawide. What appears to be a fifth lense is just the phone's laser autofocus.

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