Samsung Galaxy users: Windows 10 now lets you drag and drop up to 100 files

But some Android users are complaining they can't find the version of Link to Windows that supports the feature.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

If you've got a Windows 10 machine, a Samsung Galaxy, and the latest version of the Microsoft Your Phone app, you'll be able to easily drag and drop all sorts of files between your PC and Android phone.    

The new feature is Microsoft's latest effort to bridge the experience between Android and Windows 10, starting with Samsung Galaxy devices first

Samsung Galaxy owners will need to have the Link To Windows – formerly Your Phone Companion – Android app version 1.5 or higher, which is pre-installed on newer top-end Galaxy phones. The drag-and-drop feature will only work if both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, but it doesn't need a cable connection between devices.

To drag and drop files between PC and a Galaxy phone, users need to open up Microsoft's Your Phone app on a Windows 10 PC and then go to Phone screen, according to a Microsoft employee's post on Microsoft's community pages.

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Even though the feature will be a welcome addition, there are some limitations on drag-and-drop file transfers. For example, Galaxy owners can only drag files from the phone's Gallery app or the Samsung My Files app, and transfers of more than 100 files at a time can't be made. 

Additionally, each single file marked for transfer cannot be over 512MB, and the feature doesn't allow whole folders to be transferred. And on top of this, minimizing the Your Phone app mid-transfer will cancel the process, forcing the user to restart it again from scratch. 

So, drag-and-drop phone-to-PC transfers aren't perfect yet, which is probably why for the moment it's only available to users in the Windows Insiders Windows 10 preview program. 

To drag a file from a phone to the PC, users need to open the Phone screen in the Your Phone app on a PC, then mouse to a folder in My Files or Albums on the Galaxy phone, and then select the files that need to be transferred to the PC. 

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To drag files from a PC to the Galaxy phone, users need to open the Phone screen and, in the Your Phone app on the PC, select the files and drag them to the Your Phone app window.  

Once a transfer to the Galaxy is complete, there'll be a notification on the Android device. File transfers to a PC will appear in the Download folder.

Oddly, the latest version of the Link to Windows Android app on Google Play is version 1.20032.82.0. Several Galaxy owners have posted complaints on Microsoft's community forum about the feature not being available because they were unable to obtain Link to Windows version 1.5 or higher. 

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