Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G to go on sale on August 7

The foldable smartphone is powered by the Snapdragon 865 Plus 5G Mobile Platform and comes in bronze and grey colours.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Galaxy Z Flip 5G in grey.

Image: Samsung  

Samsung Electronics will begin the sale of the 5G version of its Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone on August 7 in select countries, the company said on Wednesday.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5G will be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 Plus 5G Mobile Platform and will be available in grey and bronze.

The phone shares the exact same specifications, from the screen size down to the weight of the phone as its predecessor, the 4G LTE Galaxy Z Flip, that was launched in February, but it will have 5G connectivity and an increased maximum clock speed of 3.09GHz thanks to the Snapdragon 865 Plus.

The South Korean tech giant added that it worked to ensure the device would be able to have 5G connectivity while still maintaining the Galaxy Z Flip's sleek, bold form factor, the company said.

Samsung will announce at a later date which countries will get the phone first, a company spokesperson said.

The glass-encased Galaxy Z Flip 5G will sport a 6.7-inch FHD+ 425ppi AMOLED foldable screen and a 1.1-inch 303ppi cover display. Camera-wise, it has a 10MP F2.4 selfie shooter and dual camera in its rear -- a 12MP F2.2 ultrawide and a 12MP F1.8 wide-angle with OIS. It also has 8GB RAM with 256GB internal storage and a 3,300mAh dual battery.

Flex mode, in which the screen automatically splits into two when free-standing, is still there. It will also have a camera update to the mode in which users will be able to double-tap the screen to switch the camera's preview window from top to bottom.

Samsung will also be offering four months of YouTube Premium.

The company is planning to hold its virtual Galaxy Unpacked 2020 on August 5 at 10am EDT in which it will introduce the new Galaxy Note and few other devices.

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