Samsung is giving Galaxy S24 a display upgrade you'll either really love or never notice

Finally, a display feature that keen-eyed users have been longing for for years.
Written by Kerry Wan, Senior Reviews Editor
Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Display
June Wan/ZDNET

It's happening. Samsung's sorta-Ultra Galaxy S model is finally getting the display upgrade it deserves. 

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With the Galaxy S24 Plus, the company is equipping the device with a QHD, 1440 x 3088 resolution display, meaning it's sharper, more accurate, and better looking than ever before.

For entertainment lovers, folks who read and scan through long pages of text, and general display enthusiasts, this is a major win. The pixel-dense screen is just as invaluable to content creators who edit photos and videos on their phones.

Previously, Samsung's 6.6-inch model fielded an FHD, 1080p display that was sufficient but not as sharp as the QHD panel found on the Ultra line. Yet while the display quality of the non-Ultra phones was inferior on paper, many users reported not even noticing the difference visually

This was more so the case with the standard Galaxy S phone, which had a smaller 6.1-inch display that made it harder to discern pixels. But on the larger 6.6-inch model, the difference was much more noticeable.

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I'm not saying the lack of a higher-resolution display is responsible for the bleak sales of the Galaxy S Plus line, but I've heard from enough users that it's one of the reasons they paid up for the Ultra model instead. 

This new change from Samsung should, in theory, tip the scale in favor of the less expensive Galaxy phone, which is a win for big-phone enthusiasts who want a fantastic-looking display and would much rather not spend the $1,299 on this year's Ultra flagship.

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