​Samsung puts Facebook video app on TV line-up

Samsung Electronics is the first TV maker to put the Facebook video app on all its TVs launched after 2015, including the recently launched QLED models.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Facebook's video app will be available on all of Samsung Electronics' smart TVs launched after 2015, the South Korean tech giant has announced.

Users can now download the Facebook app on Samsung's smart TVs and view video content from the social network.

All smart TVs launched this year -- including the premium QLED line-up -- and after 2015 in 190 countries can download the app in 35 different language versions, the company said.

Users will be able to share friends' videos, watch videos from pages they like, watch Facebook's suggested videos, and live-stream videos. Each of these menu options appear top, right, bottom, and left of the screen, allowing users to select via remote control.

Samsung is focusing on increasing content on its TV line-up. The company introduced the newly designed smart remote, which can control the TV and all linked devices.

Smart Hub 2.0 was also upgraded to allow users to connect their smartphones with their TVs to use as a controller.

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