Samsung removing connected services, UV, temperature, and humidity trackers from Health on September 1st

Samsung Health is a full-featured health and wellness application that will get some new functionality with the Galaxy Watch. However, in a couple weeks it is shutting down service integration provided two years ago.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Samsung Health is one of the most comprehensive health and wellnes services provided for mobile devices. A couple of years ago I excitedly wrote about an update that added several popular services, making Samsung Health a compelling universal solution.

Unfortunately, as I setup the new Galaxy Note 9, a notice appeared in Samsung Health stating that the following services will no longer be available after 1 September 2018:

  • UV tracker
  • Temperature and humidity (TH) tracker
  • All connected services, except Strava

Currently, Samsung supports syncing to Fitbit (for sleep data), Jawbone, Microsoft Health, Misfit, Runkeeper, and Strava. This capability means you can use a Samsung smartwatch to collect your activity and health data while still syncing to these popular services. Some of these are preferred because there are websites available to view and manage this data while Samsung Health is stricly available on a mobile device.

I've been a Runkeeper Pro user for years and appreciated the ability to sync Samsung Health to this service. About a month ago I made a decision to stick with Strava Summit instead since that service works better for cycling so I won't miss the Runkeeper integration. However, it's a shame to see Samsung shutting down support for all of these other services.

It's possible that Samsung will continue to improve so that these additional services are unnecessary, but we'll have to see when the Galaxy Watch launches and these services are eliminated from Samsung Health.

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