​Samsung, SK Telecom develop 5G standalone equipment

Samsung and SK Telecom have developed a prototype 5G switchboard based on the standalone standard that will boost data processing speed by nearly twice as much when compared to non-standalone.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer
(Image: SK Telecom)

Samsung and SK Telecom have developed a prototype 5G switchboard based on the standalone standard (SA), the companies have announced.

5G will be deployed in 5G non-standalone (NSA) that will use 4G LTE networks in the beginning, and later switch to 5G SA that uses only 5G equipment for the network.

SK Telecom said deployment of 5G SA will offer near two times faster data processing speed and reaction time compared to 5G NSA.

The switchboard is modular in design and vendors can add accessory equipment for additional features, the telecommunications carrier said. Later, equipment with quantum security can be added for national defense agencies or financial institutes.

If being used for self-driving cars, where data must flow without interruption, data high-pass filter modules can be added, the company said.

Last month, SK Telecom said it had successfully synced switchboards of Samsung, Ericsson, and Nokia in preparation of deploying 5G NSA. The company also made its first call using the set up.

In the same month, Samsung announced a partnership with NEC to collaborate on 5G technology suites going forward.

South Korea plans to deploy 5G in March next year.

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