​SK Telecom launches IoT-enabled blood sugar meter

SK Telecom has launched a blood glucose meter connected to its LTE Cat M1 network aimed at diabetes patients.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

SK Telecom has launched a blood glucose meter connected to its Internet of Things (IoT) network aimed at diabetes patients.

Caresens N IoT, designed by medical device maker i-sens, is connected to the telecommunications carrier's LTE Cat M1 IoT network.

It will send the blood glucose level of patients wherever they are to families and hospitals.

South Korea has 5 million diabetes patients, SK Telecom said, and care is vital for the incurable condition.

The meter will cost 99,000 won, and have a monthly fee of 1,100 won.

SK Telecom has launched a slew of services that utilises its national IoT network.

Last month, the company launched a rental car management service that uses the LTE Cat M1 network.

In July, it launched a lipstick-shaped IoT device that alerts the police, families, and friends in emergencies.

In healthcare, the company is developing artificial intelligence (AI) tech for genome analysis.

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