Samsung used to mock Apple as idiots, now it hides the evidence

Remember the days when Samsung laughed about the iPhone's lack of a headphone jack?
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer

Samsung thought Apple the fool.

Screenshot by ZDNet

One thing that's always been clear is that Apple copies everything Samsung does.

I know this because, a mere two years ago, Samsung released an ad that said Apple copies everything Samsung does -- sometimes years later. It specifically laughed at a loser Apple user who doesn't have a headphone jack.

Even more recently, the Korean handset maker emitted a whole series of ads that claimed Apple's Geniuses are truly halfwits.

In one of these ads, Samsung chuckled heartily about Apple having removed the headphone jack on iPhone X, so if you want to attach old-fashioned headphones, you need a dongle.

Worse, if you wanted to charge your phone at the same time, you'd need a double-dongle.

With a whiff of nostalgia playing in my nostrils, I wanted to look at these ads again. You see, on the new Galaxy Note 10 Samsung has itself dispensed with the headphone jack and introduced, wait, is that a Samsung dongle I see before me?

Sadly, as Business Insider spotted, the old Apple-bashing ads have mysteriously disappeared. 

Well, at least from most of Samsung's own YouTube channels. I managed, though -- for your edification -- to find last year's witty gem elsewhere on YouTube.

In the vast and messy scheme of life, this is just a tiny pimple.

Brands -- and people in general -- contradict themselves all the time, sometimes on a daily basis.

Declaring that you were always first, however, isn't necessarily a perfect marketing strategy. Especially as being first doesn't often translate into being best -- or even into your product not falling apart.

May I mention the Samsung Galaxy Fold in this regard?

As phones seem to become ever-more similar, hardware innovation doesn't come quickly. Samsung wants its folding phone out first, but many might wonder whether, if Apple ever creates one, it might just be a better version of the original.

Then again, I'm sure Samsung's new dongles are superior to Apple's in every possible way.

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