Samsung's new line of smart home appliances is supercharged with AI

You may soon be able to check if your food is expired without even opening the fridge door.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor

As generative AI developments continue to revolutionize the world around us, the technology is becoming prevalent in a wide range of products, including smartphones, voice assistants, and even home appliances. 

On Wednesday, Samsung unveiled its 2024 Bespoke AI home appliances at its Bespoke AI media event in South Korea. The appliances are all equipped with AI and SmartThings capabilities to bring the latest cutting-edge technology to users' homes. 

"Using AI vision, AI voice, and AI data technologies, we will offer new experiences in which home appliances can be controlled and connected more intuitively," Jong-Hee Han, a Samsung vice chairman, said at the event. 

Unlike for Ballie, Samsung's bowling ball-sized home assistant robot, this launch focuses on infusing AI into products you already have in your home, such as your fridge, microwave, laundry machines, and more.

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For example, the Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator's AI Vision feature lets you check expiration dates on items inside your fridge. You can also use the technology to ask for customized recipe recommendations based on what you have in your fridge, without first having to open it. 

The fridge's AI Family Hub+ lets you mirror images and videos from your smartphone screen simply by tapping your phone on the fridge door, as seen in the image at the top of this article. 

Meanwhile, the Bespoke AI Laundry Combo combines a washer and a dryer into one appliance that leverages AI to recommend optimal laundry cycles based on your needs. The machine also features AI-powered Bixby voice recognition.

Lastly, Samsung's new robot vacuum, the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo, can clean, dust, and mop using steam, while recognizing obstacles and creating reports to check if the cleaning was satisfactory.


Samsung says the company plans to introduce its 2024 Bespoke AI product line in the United States and France "soon", but didn't reveal an exact launch date.

Samsung has been applying AI to the home for years and has plenty of products to show for it. These latest announcements remind us how far ahead the South Korean company is when compared to its American rival, Apple, which is reportedly working on AI-powered home robots, including a mobile robot assistant and an advanced tabletop device with a moving display powered by robotics. Apple's projects are still in the early research phase.

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