Samsung's Note 8 set to make August debut: Report

In a bid to beat Apple's iPhone 8 to market, Samsung will announce the Note 8 in late August.

Galaxy Note 8? Yes, Samsung is planning on it
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Those burned by Samsung's recall of the Galaxy Note 7 in late 2016 won't have to wait much longer for the Galaxy Note 8.

According to Reuters, Samsung will hold a launch event for the Note 8 in the "second half of August" in New York City. The timing is similar to last year's launch event for the Note 7, which took place in early August 2016.

A Samsung representative declined to comment.

Of course, the Galaxy Note 7 was short lived, with a global recall following the device's after faulty batteries caused some units to catch fire and explode.

Samsung's timing of the Galaxy Note 8 launch not stays in line with previous launches, but it also helps the Korean company beat Apple to the next-generation punch.

Apple typically announces a new iPhone in September, followed by launch a couple of weeks later. This year, rumors about the iPhone 8 put the announcement in late September with October availability.

If true, that could give Samsung a full two months of consumer attention before the iPhone 8 is available.

Current rumors tout Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 as having the same 18.5:9 display ratio as the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, with a slightly bigger display than the larger S8 model. Naturally, the Note 8 will feature S Pen support as well.

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