SAP launches HANA 2, new micro services, developer, admin tools

SAP updates its HANA in-memory database with a series of tools to court developers and build out the ecosystem.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

SAP launched its next iteration of HANA, its in-memory database, that's aimed at building the developer ecosystem and adding data and database management and new application programming interfaces.

At the company's TechEd conference in Barcelona, SAP introduced SAP HANA 2 as well as Hybris as a Service.

The update to HANA is part of its twice a year update cycle. Marie Goodell, senior vice president of marketing for SAP HANA, said the release is focused on making the in-memory database easier to embed into agile IT and innovation efforts. The effort with HANA 2 comes a few weeks after SAP launched express editions of HANA. HANA's express edition has garnered 7,000 downloads, said Goodell.

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Goodell added that HANA 2 will be available to customers on Nov. 30. SAP will release a series of "micro services" built on HANA 2 via its Hybris marketplace.

Features in HANA 2 include:

  • Database management tools to secure and manage workloads. There are also administration enhancements.
  • Data management features with improvements to enterprise modeling, integration, data quality and tiered storage.
  • Analytics improvements with new processing engines for text, spatial, graph and streaming data. The new features are driven by new algorithms for classification, association, time series and regression.
  • Development tools with new APIs and application server and languages.

As for the micro services, HANA 2 will have a new cloud service based on entity and fact extraction as well as linguistic analysis. Another micro service has been developed with the European Space Agency to analyze satellite data and combining it with SAP HANA spatial processing. Munich RE is using the service to analyze environmental conditions.

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