SAP launches Leonardo IoT tools, digital business services

SAP is stepping up its Internet of things push as it rolls out a series of applications to track, monitor and manage assets and edge devices in the field.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

SAP stepped up its efforts to integrate Internet of things sensor data with its analytics tools and then connect them to the iOS apps created via a partnership with Apple and development tools

As part of its SAP Leonardo digital innovation efforts, SAP integrated IoT tools for logistics, manufacturing and assets into its broader ecosystem and cloud platform. About a year ago, SAP outlined its plans to invest in IoT. The company launched the following:

  • SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge, which is a dashboard and management tool for visibility into IoT data.
  • Global Track and Trace, a cloud service for tracking, monitoring and reporting across the supply chain.
  • Leonardo IoT Edge, which ties business processes to edge devices in the field.
  • Digital Manufacturing Insights, a cloud manufacturing performance management tool, and Asset Manager, a mobile app for tracking asset health, inventory, maintenance and safety.

These IoT-based systems will connect to SAP's broader software for various industries as well as SA S/4HANA. SAP also said that SAP Asset Manager will support an iOS app. Other apps will combine SAP Leonardo IoT tools with iOS mobile apps for asset intelligence and predictive maintenance and service.

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In addition, SAP said it will extend its SAP Leonardo IoT tools to developers via SAP Build and new Cloud Foundry packages for SAP Cloud Platform. SAP will also provide industry-specific accelerator packages for the chemical industry, travel and transportation and utilities. SAP also added services to counsel businesses on digital innovation.

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