SAP plots more integrations with Google Cloud Platform

The move is part of a broader strategy to be multi-cloud at the infrastructure level and utilize technologies from multiple partners.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

SAP said it is expanding its Google Cloud Platform partnership to certify SAP NetWeaver and integrate machine learning, Internet of Things, and productivity tools more.

Sam Yen, chief design officer and managing director for SAP's Silicon Valley business, said the Google cloud partnership, which was outlined in March, is progressing well. Yen didn't have timelines for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) integrations and co-innovations.

"At Sapphire we will be showing examples of SAP and Google collaborating on IoT and with customers and partners in various industry scenarios," said Yen.

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For SAP, the GCP partnership is evidence of the company's multi-cloud approach. Like providing SAP on multiple databases decades ago, the company is following the same path on infrastructure as a service. "The strategy is to provide as much choice as possible," Yen said. "We can't assume to tell which customer what backend to use."

In addition, SAP said its SAP Cloud Platform will also be multi-cloud.

SAP said it will utilize machine learning knowhow from multiple platforms including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. SAP's plan is to play in the application arena and be agnostic at lower cloud levels.

Among the moving parts of the Google-SAP partnership:

  • Integrations with Google's productivity suites continue.
  • SAP Netweaver is certified on GCP.
  • The two companies are connecting Google BigQuery with SAP's business analytics cloud. "Customers can take whatever they store in BigQuery and have a default integration to SAP analytics as well," Yen said.

At Sapphire, GCP and SAP will also showcase conversational experiences and chat and voice-based navigation as well as apps that leverage Google's machine learning APIs and TensorFlow.

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