Save $15 on iPhone battery replacement that comes to you

Puls will send a tech to your office on your schedule. And to ice that cake, here's a BBH-exclusive discount!
Written by Rick Broida, Contributor

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See this? It happens in your office on your schedule, not at an Apple Store.


Make no mistake: Your iPhone battery needs replacing. Indeed, if it's over a year old, normal wear and tear will have diminished its capacity to hold a charge. And let's not forget that an aging battery can, ahem, impede performance.

Apple will replace said aging batteries for $29, but it's a hassle: You either have to make an appointment at an Apple Store (then actually go to the Apple Store, for who-knows-how-long), or mail your iPhone to Apple, which will take -- oh, let's be serious, if it takes more than 30 minutes, it's not a viable option. (Realistically, it takes 1-2 weeks, and it's not like you can drive a loaner while you're waiting.)

You're far too busy and important for delays like that. What you need is a battery-repair tech who shows up at your office, swaps out your battery while you're finishing up that TPS report, then disappears into the night like so many TPS reports.

Puls offers just such a service, and for a limited time, BBH readers can save $15 on any scheduled phone-repair service (iPhone or otherwise, battery or otherwise) by using code ZDPuls15.

How to summon a repair genie

It works like this: Using the Puls web portal, select your device, enter your ZIP code, then specify the issue: broken screen, battery replacement, won't turn on, etc. You'll immediately get a quote; naturally the price varies depending on your location, the nature of the repair and so on.

Battery replacement for an iPhone 6 Plus, for example, would run $79 in ZIP code 10016 -- minus the $15 discount via the above code. Sure, that's still about double what you'd pay Apple, but you're getting much faster turnaround and a much more convenient process.

Indeed, your last step is to simply choose a day and time slot (same-day service may be available), enter your location and finish the checkout process. That's it.

When the tech arrives, just find him/her an available desk or table, then go finish that report. The typical battery replacement takes about 30-40 minutes, according to Puls. And all repairs are covered by the company's lifetime guarantee.

So it comes down to this: What's your time worth? I'd be surprised if you could get an Apple Store battery replacement done in under two hours, never mind the time it takes to get there, park, get back, etc. The whole thing could easily eat half a day.

Puls should get you wrapped up in about a half hour without you setting foot outside your office.

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