Sculpteo lets you create a mini me

Ever wanted a mini-me to call your own? Sculpteo's 3D printing process makes that and more available to the masses.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

I've always wondered what it would take to have a "mini me" of myself made. After all, who wouldn't want their very own "mini me" sitting on their desk.

Well, the folks at Sculpteo have not only figured out a process to make a "mini me", but they've made it easy for anyone to have a "mini me" made in three steps:

  • Upload two pictures of yourself (frontal, profile)
  • Approve the model created by Sculpteo's artists
  • Pay and wait

According to the company, a "mini-you", as they call it, will arrive within 10 days for either $75 (approx.) for a 7 centimeter version, or $130 (approx.) for a 10 centimeter version. If you're wondering what a "mini-you" is, it's basically a figurine that looks just like you.

In my case, the PR company was kind enough to foot the bill and I'm expecting my "mini me" to arrive any day now.

Another cool offering that comes out of the deal is a virtual version of you. As you can see at the link below, you can move yourself around, in a 360 degree space. This is obviously the render that Sculpteo's process uses, but it's also cool to see what a virtual version of yourself looks like. I wasn't sure if it really looked like me, but have since been told that it does, and that it also looks like just about any other tech guy out there. Apparently my look is not original? :-)

Below are the before and afters, which include the pictures I sent, and screenshots from the link of my 3D avatar.







They even managed to get my hairline just right, as you can see below.


Read more about Sculpteo's 3D printing process at Sculpteo.com.

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