Shutterstock's images will now be fully customizable with these new AI features

See a stock photo you like but isn't quite right? Just tweak it yourself.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
AI creative tools

When thinking of ways to use generative AI to find the perfect stock image, many companies like Adobe, Getty Images, and Shutterstock have opted for commercially safe AI image generators. However, Shutterstock is now taking a more unique approach with its newest application of generative AI to the platform.

On Thursday, Shutterstock introduced new creative AI-powered editing features to its platform to help users refine the over 700 million stock images in its library, in addition to the tool it already had to create entirely new ones. 

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The creative AI editing features, now in beta, leverage OpenAI technology to edit and transform any image in the library, including tools such as Magic Brush, Variations, Expand Image, Smart Resize, and Background Remover.  

"This is an unprecedented offering in the stock photography industry," said Paul Hennessy, Chief Executive Officer for Shutterstock. "Now, creatives have everything they need to craft the perfect content for any project with AI-powered design capabilities that you can use to edit stock images within Shutterstock's library, presenting infinite possibilities to make stock your own."

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The Magic Brush tool can be used to modify an image by brushing over the part of the image you'd like to tweak and then using text to describe how you'd like to replace, erase, or add to the image. 

The Variations tool allows users to generate alternate versions of an already existing stock image. If you prefer to create something from scratch, you can use the AI Image Generator, originally launched in beta in January and will be upgraded to the latest version of DALL-E soon. 

To tweak an image's sizing, Shutterstock has two tools: Expand Image, which can broaden the view of an image, and Smart Resize, which automatically resizes any image to the dimensions you need. 

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Lastly, Background Remover helps users isolate the subject of any image when the background doesn't fit their needs. 

To support the artists who help power some of these tools, Shutterstock shares that artists will be compensated if their images are licensed after editing. 

Although the company doesn't share specific details on how to join the beta, Shutterstock is scheduled to give a live demo of these features on Nov. 9 at 12 p.m. ET at the Shutterstock Showcase: Creative AI, which you can RSVP for. 

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