Signal Sciences pushes real-time security solution to tech companies

A number of companies have signed up for tech which makes real-time updates and DevOps easier to integrate.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Signal Sciences has signed up a new round of tech companies to ingrate a new breed of firewall designed to bring security updates and alerts closer to software development in the product cycle.

Signal Sciences offers a security solution called the Next Generation Web Application Firewall (NGWAF), which the firm says can be used for extended insight into who, and what, is attacking a business network.

Companies integrating the solution now include Chef, Datadog, NGINX Plus, PagerDuty, Pivotal Tracker, Slack, Docker, Heroku, Jira, HipChat, Kubernetes, OpsGenie, Puppet, VictorOps, and Ansible.

The collaboration covers software including messaging applications and management tools, where teams can be alerted in real-time when security events occur. The company says the technology also includes real-time monitoring, project tracking, and security operations data analytics, which will help IT professionals create "actionable security alerts" and track them effectively.

"Signal Sciences' NGWAF solution allows for 'out of the box' native integrations for engineering teams to add security data into their DevOps toolchain with a single click," the company claims.

Andrew Peterson, CEO of Signal Sciences said that the development of software and operations architecture is in a constant state of evolution and if security teams can push updates at a quicker pace, the enterprise will be better protected against attacks.

"Response time is crucial when organizations are reacting to a potential attack, and our integration with Signal Sciences allows teams to create real-time incident alerts when suspicious behavior is identified as being a security threat and effectively manage the incident to resolution," said Tim Armandpour, senior vice president of product development at PagerDuty.

"Increased visibility allows teams to focus on what they do best, shipping and updating products, and adding security into the mix is a natural next step for businesses that are already using PagerDuty to help connect and enable their people to quickly resolve the issue."

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