​SK Telecom, Hyundai launch home-to-car AI service

Customers will be able to use SK Telecom's NUGU AI speaker to start their Hyundai and Kia cars at home.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

SK Telecom AI speaker owners will be able to start-up their cars at their home before they go out.

Image: SK Telecom

SK Telecom and Hyundai have launched a home-to-car service that will allow customers to start their cars from home.

Home2Car will allow customers to start their cars at home via voice commands on the telco's AI speaker NUGU.

The service will be available with Hyundai's Blue Link and Kia's UVO. Kia's new Sportage model, launched Tuesday, will be the first car to support the service.

Hyundai's new Tuscon to be launched next month as well as all new models coming from Hyundai and Kia will support the feature, the companies said.

Older models will also get the service via upgrades sequentially.

Home2Car will allow customers to start and turn off cars, lock or unlock doors, control lighting and horn, control temperature, and for electric cars, start and halt charging.

It will allow customers to save considerable time in starting their cars and have AC turned off beforehand in hot and humid weather conditions, SK Telecom and Hyundai said.

The latest offering is a sister service to Car2Home unveiled in June, which allows drivers to turn on and off electronic devices at home.

SK Telecom and Hyundai are closely collaborating in Internet of Things (IoT) services. Earlier this month, the telco announced that it was applying its smart energy and IoT solution to Hyundai's Ulsan factory, saving $2 million in annual utilities costs.

In November, the two founded a $45 million fund that will invest in promising AI startups.

SK Telecom first launched its NUGU AI speaker in 2016 and a portable version last year.


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