SK Telecom to develop 5G smart power plant solutions

SK Telecom will collaborate with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power to develop 5G-based smart power plant solutions.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

SK Telecom will collaborate with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. to develop new 5G-based smart power plant solutions.

(Image: SK Telecom)

SK Telecom will collaborate with energy company Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power to develop 5G-based smart power plant solutions, the telco announced.

The country's largest wireless network provider and energy company, a hydroelectric and nuclear energy subsidiary of South Korea's national electric utility Korea Electric Power Corporation, will co-develop 5G smart factory solutions that increase energy production efficiency and improve on and off-line security.

The collaboration will start off with the implementation of SK Telecom's Digital Twin technology, which utilises 5G wireless networks, onto Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power's nuclear plant equipment. Digital Twin creates a virtual clone of existing software for use in simulation to check on an asset's current condition, productivity, and activation scenarios.

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The application will allow real-time monitoring of the condition of equipment to optimise operations, the companies said.

They will also actively develop solutions that can be applied for new energy technologies and export them abroad to other countries.

Since 5G networks were rolled out in April, SK Telecom has announced a slew of partnerships in the enterprise space that utilise the telco's 5G networks. 

Earlier this month, it announced partnerships with Samsung and Cisco to develop smart office solutions that uses the next-generation network. It also announced in April that it had plans to develop 5G-based training programs for the military.

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