So long weak Wi-Fi: Google debuts a Chromecast Ethernet adapter

Can't get your Chromecast to stream video or apps well due to wireless woes? Google has a $15 solution for you.
Written by Kevin Tofel, Contributor

One of the best aspects of Google's Chromecast -- other than the low, $35 price tag -- is the built-in Wi-Fi that connects the little dongle with content and apps from the web.


That assumes, of course, you have a strong wireless signal; sometimes a little challenging since the Chromecast only supports the 2.4 GHz frequency. Ideally, I'd like to see 5 GHz support added.

In the meantime, Google has a new solution for wireless woes. The company now sells a $15 wired Ethernet adapter for the Chromecast through its online store.

The adapter, first noted by Android Police, takes the place of the standard USB power brick included with a Chromecast.

It adds an Ethernet port so you can connect the Chromecast to a wired network for a faster, more stable connection. The other benefit here is that your Chromecast won't be sharing wireless airwaves with other devices on the network.


While the price is right, I won't be buying one of these; mainly because I don't have Ethernet ports in my house and my router is far away from where I typically use the Chromecast.

For those with wired homes or offices that have Ethernet jacks in every room, however, this might be $15 well spent.

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