Social network Tsu upgrades platform to increase payments to users

Tsu, a social media platform that pays users for content they create and share, has announced a major platform update designed to increase royalty payments to its users
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

A major challenge for social media users is to find relevant content and users on the platform. Try searching across Facebook for a relevant topic of interest to follow.

If you search for content on Twitter, without an accurate hashtag; you find you are drowning in side conversations that are not relevant to what you want.

Social network  Tsu upgrades platform to increase payments to users ZDNet
Eileen Brown

Tsu.co is an invitation-only social media and e-currency platform that rewards users for their original content, social activity and online communities.

It has responded to user requests for an easy way to find relevant content and users on the platform.

It has rolled out a 'major platform update'. Users can now select topics they like, and then further expand their selections into an unlimited number of potential channels to follow.

Tsu was created 18 months ago, reaching one million users in just over a month. Users flocked to the site, attracted by its promise to pay its users for their original content.

There are now five million registered users on the platform, and 28 million content consumers who access content through its 'open web' structure.

This allows users who are not members of Tsu to see content via search engines.

Tsu has been trialling Tsu Groups since the summer of 2015 in order to deliver a mature look and feel to its communities.

It found that all of the tens of millions of posts on the platform fall into 13 distinct 'Topics': general content categories, which can be utilized for sorting content

It has rolled out a new taxonomy model for the platform. All content on the platform is now delivered through 'Topics' and 'Channels'.

Social network Tsu upgrades platform to increase payments to users ZDNet
Eileen Brown

This architecture creates an opportunity for content creators to match with users who share similar interests.

It also aims to improve the content discovery process for all Tsu users.

The Tsu home page has content that is navigable by visitors without logging in.

The content algorithmically highlights the most relevant content through its Topics and Channels.

Content is discoverable to viewers who are not logged-in or are not yet members of the platform.

Tsu is also introducing reputation scores to reward those who create quality content and grow their communities.

The scores also help it identify which users violate community guidelines and conduct other unacceptable behaviors.

The homepage is divided into two sections: The top section provides a preview of the most engaging posts on Tsu.

Continually updated, the largest post and the three stacked posts next to it, are the most engaging posts of the entire site, regardless of Topic or Channel.

A featured user or charity is also displayed, along with ads so that featured users will monetize their content.

The lower portion of the homepage, displays each Topic represented with the three most engaging posts of each Topic collected in a digest for quick viewing.

Topic content will sorted by popularity or chronology, giving the user the 'best experience possible' according to Tsu.

Opening up access to Tsu will provide an advantage to users, who can now monetize their content while sharing it with a larger audience. Some Tsu power users make thousands of dollars per year.

Sebastian Sobczak, founder and CEO of Tsu.co said: "The problem we're solving is that content creators - artists, photographers, athletes, musicians, even astrophysicists - don't get any value for the content they providing to other social media platforms.

Since we create value for content creators, we are seeing that they are producing more engaging, high-value content and using tsu.co as the platform of choice to distribute it.

In turn, tsu.co users are now enjoying world-class content -- often exclusive, late-breaking and high-design content -- in a unique, visual format."

Disclaimer: I created an account on Tsu to write about it for ZDNet and regularly log in to the platform. I support artists and charities in Tsu with revenue I generate.

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