Sony zooms in on high-res camera

Sony this week launched a digital camera featuring a 12x zoom lens claiming it is the most powerful on any camera of its kind.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The DK-1 Digital Camera (£1,500 + VAT) can capture images at up to 768 x 576 resolutions and store up to 140 images on a 10Mb flash memory card. Images can be uploaded to a PC or Macintosh through the card or via the SCSI cable provided. A macro facility allows for close-up shots and the 1/15-1/4000 second shutter can capture extremely high-speed movement. A colour viewfinder shows the picture being taken.

Lesley Brown, technical co-ordinator at rival Canon, said a zoom lens demanded a penalty: "A zoom lens on a digital camera would be very advantageous but there must be drawbacks in terms of weight and size."

Sony's digital camera distributor DirekTek can be contacted by telephone on 01494-471100.

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