Speck MightyPack hands-on: Functional, comfortable, affordable backpack for commuters and students

Speck is known for its great mobile cases so it's great to see the release of Speck's first backpack that continues that tradition of high quality construction.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Speck is one of my favorite mobile device case makers. I tested out Speck's simple CandyShell Fit Apple Watch cover in June and a few weeks ago was sent the new MightPack backpack to test out on my daily commute and regular business travel.

I am pleased to say that Speck's quality, design, and functionality translated from its cases to its new backpack and if you are a student or a commuter then you should seriously consider this $79.95 backpack. I tested the black and blue backpack, but you can also buy it in two tone blue or two tone pink.

TechLocker pocket

The first thing you will notice about the MightPack is the hardshell TechLocker compartment that is prominently located at the top of the back, above the primary back zippered compartment. The TechLocker is constructed of molded EVA foam and secured closed with a high quality zipper.

Open up the TechLocker and you will be impressed by the plush vegan fur lining, dark blue in color on this eval unit. There is a mesh pocket on one side of the pocket to help hold items, such as glasses, securely in place. The TechLocker is an excellent pocket to use for over-the-ear headphones, digital cameras, and other items you want to keep from getting damaged.

Outside back compartment

The large outside back compartment has a single zipper closure with a flap that opens and folds out of the way. The flap is padded in order to protect your devices and also has a zipper closure with a mesh pocket for carrying items.

On the inside, you will find a large open pocket that is great for carrying a small tablet, book, or other devices. There are three pen/pencil/stylus pockets next to this main pocket.

On the back of this main pocket are two other mesh pockets. One has finer mesh than the other and these are good for holding cables, battery packs, and other items.

Main vertical compartment

The main large compartment is secured by two zippers so you can open it up from either side. There are a couple of pockets on the front side. As you open this compartment up, you will see there is a lot of room at the base. I could actually use this as an overnight bag by packing a shirt, socks, underwear, and other essentials at the base. The base is also padded with three layers to keep your gear safe and sound.

While the base opens up and is spacious, the backpack actually keeps a 6 inch depth so it is a great backpack for a commuter train experience where you don't want to be bumping into everyone.

Two large pockets are present on the back of the large compartment, perfect for laptops and tablets. There are another couple narrow pockets for pens or a stylus too. This is where I carried my Surface Pro 3 stylus.

The back of the large compartment is padded, as are the pocket dividers, so that everything is well protected.

Speck MightyPack image gallery

Straps, handles, and more

The two shoulders straps are padded along their entire length so that they are comfortable for any size person. There is no central chest strap so this is not designed for hiking and carrying extremely heavy loads. It's a daily wear backpack that is great for work and school.

There is a small pocket on the left strap, but I didn't find anything I own that would fit into it. The straps can also be disconnected from the bottom if they happen to get in your way.

The top handle has padding with a neoprene cover so it is very comfortable to grip. The 600D polyester shell feels durable and looks great. The interior is lined with 210D polyester in light colors to offer contrast with your items so you can find them quickly.

You will also find an opening between the two compartments that is designed as a pass-through feature for charging your devices through the compartments. The idea is that you would have a portable battery pack in the front smaller compartment with a cable leading into the larger main compartment to charge up your device. There is also a small pocket on the lower right side that you can use to put in a battery pack and have a cable lead to your pants pocket to charge your active phone.

There is also a Speck MightyPack Plus version, priced $20 more at $99.95, that has two more inches in depth for more carrying capacity. It also has an additional compartment that unzips all the way so you can fold it open and lay it flat for TSA security screening. Since I fly about once a month, I think this Checkpoint-friendly version just might be perfect for my needs as I hate to remove my laptop for security.

The Speck MightyPack looks great, has plenty of pockets to hold all of your gear, offers solid protection, and is reasonablly priced.

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