Stratasys expands 3D printed anatomical modeling efforts

Stratasys Direct has printed more than 1,000 models during a 13-week invite-only beta service for medical device manufacturers.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Stratasys said that it is expanding its healthcare offerings to include anatomical modeling and consulting services.

Healthcare is one of the leading growth markets for 3D printing companies. 3D Systems has also ramped its efforts in healthcare and Desktop Metal has formed Desktop Health.

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, a Stratasys subsidiary, has created a Healthcare Print Center in Eden Prairie, Minn. that includes Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy printers. That 3D printer is used to create 3D printed medical and anatomical models for medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers.

The company, which announced the news at the RAPID + TCT conference, said that it is ramping efforts to produce models for use cases not accommodated by cadavers or animals. The models are used for device and medical testing, surgical prep and consultation.

According to Stratasys, its Stratasys Direct subsidiary has printed more than 1,000 models during a 13-week invite-only beta service for medical device manufacturers. Each Stratasys Direct machine ran more than 120 hours a week.

Stratasys said it can offer on-demand print services for anatomical models as well as design and consulting services.

Separately, Stratasys outlined new materials for additive manufacturing and availability of new polymer 3D printing systems as well as an expanded software partner ecosystem.

Here are the other developments from Stratasys:

  • The company outlined new materials for the Stratasys H350 and Stratasys Origin One as well as a new Origin Open Material License for the Origin One.
  • The H350 will use High-Yield PA11, a sustainable material, with plans to use PA12 (Nylon 12) in 2022. PA 12 is used for jigs, fixtures, tooling and end-use parts.
  • Stratasys Origin One will get two new materials by Henkel. The materials are Dura56 by LOCTITE that delivers good surface finish and low cost per kilo.
  • The Origin One printer is also getting LOCTITE 3D IND405, which can be polished to a clear finish.
  • Stratasys also announced the Stratasys Origin Open Material License that will include a software toolkit for users as well as material companies to create workflows and materials.
  • The company's GrabCAD Software Partner program has also added 8 software partners so far in 2021.
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