Sumo Logic acquires Sensu to expand observability suite

Sensu's Observability Pipeline, used by about 3,000 developers globally, will provide an important administrative control for Sumo Logic's platform.
Written by Chris Preimesberger, Contributor

Log management and data analytics service provider Sumo Logic said it will acquire monitoring software maker Sensu, Inc. to add key elements to its observability platform. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Sumo Logic's secure software gathers and interprets large amounts of data and makes it usable for business operations, security, and compliance intelligence. The 11-year-old Redwood City, Calif.-based company is incorporating its intellectual property into a next-gen observability platform, called Observability Suite, so clients can harness their business data for numerous purposes--such as predicting customers' buying patterns and seasonal sales dips and spikes.

The use of this type of software-as-a-service data platform is a growing trend among enterprises.

Sensu's Observability Pipeline, used by about 3,000 developers globally, will provide an important ingredient for that platform. The Pipeline delivers monitoring as code for everything from bare metal on-premises infrastructure to cloud-native microservices and applications. Using this code, DevOps teams can become faster and more efficient at fine-tuning the administration of the Observability Suite in order to maintain timely delivery of useful business information.

Sensu started as an open-source initiative on Github focused on solving monitoring challenges associated with the constantly evolving nature of cloud computing. Sensu claims to provide: 

  • wide support for developer programming languages to help companies transition from traditional client-server environments to the cloud;
  • support for various cloud, data, web, and automation platforms; 
  • integrations for more than 250 third-party applications and services; and 
  • compatibility with a large number of OSS monitoring tools, plug-ins, and collectors. 

Sensu's Observability Pipeline and its third-party data and community-developed plug-ins will become available through a one-click integration with Sumo's SaaS-based Observability Suite to provide instant visualization, analytics, and comprehensive support for metrics, events, logs, and tracing, Sumo Logic said.

Observability is a method of obtaining insight into the performance of cloud environments based on analytics from a vast amount of telemetry data (metrics, traces, histograms, logs, events) collected from a diverse set of data sources that include cloud applications and services, infrastructures and Kubernetes app coordination. Observability combined with the DevOps culture of responsibility shared by multiple teams creates an effective new approach to untangle the thorniest issues affecting cloud applications, Sumo Logic said.

The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of fiscal 2022.

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