Swype beta 1.4 adds crowdsourcing to text input for Android devices

There are plenty of text input methods for Android devices and developers keep pushing to make text entry efficient and simple for the end user.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Swype beta 1.4 adds crowdsourcing to text input for Android devices

I've gone back to using the HTC Droid DNA on Verizon because I find the hardward design to be very compelling and the display is the best I have ever seen on a smartphone. Another reason I like the Android platform is keyboards that are optimized for efficiency and one of my favorites is Swype from Nuance. They just released a new beta that includes their Swype Living Language technology. This is a crowdsourced capability that analyzes words and phrases in real-time with dynamic dictionaries.

You can sign up for beta testing for free and try out the latest version with Living Language and Smart Editor. Living Language does require you to opt-in to the service since it is based on crowdsourcing and needs you to share your language as well as collecting it from others.

Smart Editor is also another new feature that examines words in your sentence to see if another previous suggested word makes more sense. I look forward to trying out Smart Editor to see if it helps with efficiency or detracts from the overall text input experience.

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