Sysomos releases social ad targeting and influencer discovery tools

Social intelligence analytics company Sysomos has launched its social ad and influencer discovery tools to improve performance of paid social ads and save you time finding your brand influencers and communities.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

San Francisco based data science intelligence company Sysomos has released its Optimize and Influence tools to create tailored Twitter campaigns that reach appropriate audiences, and get the most bang for their buck.

Sysomos Optimize uses analytics to create "look-alike" lists, and self-optimization, which enables you to interpret, measure and improve the success of your campaigns in real-time.

With the tool you can: search and create Twitter lists using targeted keywords via Boolean queries, create lists of up to five million Twitter IDs from keywords, Twitter handles, hashtags, bio descriptions, tweet content, and community segments.

The tool also enables you to use "look-alike" modeling to expand target lists over time. You can discover other prospects who share attributes with known audiences and audiences that are engaging. You can also get campaign metrics and reporting.

The Influence discovery tool uses word-of-mouth and peer influence to help you keep a pulse on the individuals and communities most connected to any topic, brand or trend.

The tool maps how communities are connected, identifies influencer strength and authority in a community, and gives detailed analysis to help brands effectively engage with influencers.

You can search by keywords to discover Twitter influencers, track what they are discussing, with whom, and view their social influence and track insights on community traits and identify community connectors.

Sparks, chief executive officer of Sysomos said: "Customers today demand to be heard and expect authentic, personalized and sometimes immediate engagements from brands. We are delivering brands and agencies a world-class customer connection engine that improves over time and provides analysis and insights that can be actioned today."

Marketers can automatically improve the reach of an audience by up to five million more users with look-alike modeling.

Self-optimization enables marketers to interpret, measure and improve the success of campaigns in real-time.

The ability to interact with your target audience is important for all advertisers and brand managers. Interacting directly with your target audience to harness their influence is paramount.

Getting customers to purchase after you have interacted with them is still a huge challenge. Customers take to social media to complain, watch and listen.

Making that magical sale is still nirvana for brands who have masses of data and no action plan to deliver their ROI.

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