Tech, security vendors form group to address operational technology cybersecurity risks

A set of technology vendors including Microsoft, ABB, Fortinet and Splunk aim to better address securing critical infrastructure.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Tech vendors including ABB, Microsoft and Fortinet are launching a cybersecurity alliance focused on operational technology to hone defenses.

Operational Technology Cyber Security Alliance (OTCSA) is designed to mitigate risk and assess business impact from cyberattacks on utilities, manufacturing and oil and gas industries and physical control devices.

The group is launching as operational technology operators are increasingly targeted by nation-state actors as well as cybercriminals.

Initial members of the Operational Technology Cyber Security Alliance include ABB, Check Point Software, BlackBerry Cylance, Forescout, Fortinet, Microsoft, Mocana, NCC Group, Qualys, SCADAFence, Splunk and Wärtsilä.

OTCSA's mission includes:

  • Strengthen cybersecurity for operational technology environments and improve interfaces with operational and information technology connections.
  • Offer guidance on remaining compliant with various regulations and protecting infrastructure.
  • Create system architectures for operational technology suppliers.
  • Secure procurement, development, installation, operation, maintenance and implementation of critical infrastructure.
  • Speed up adoption time.


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